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Guest Blogger: Erika Lewis

"Researching and visiting historical sights became a passion, and the lore associated with them became inspiration for my books...it was on a trip to Scotland, to the Isle of Skye, where I was lucky enough to visit the ruins of Dunscaith Castle (also known as the Fortress of Shadows), that I learned of the deity who would be the inspiration for the leader of The Academy for the Unbreakable Arts."
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Guest Blogger: Eugenia Cheng

"I think just about everyone knows that reading to children is a good thing to do, and we read them compelling stories, not grammar exercises. We expand their vocabulary by reading them stories with words they don't understand, and if we find we can't explain a word ourselves we don't abandon the book, but hopefully we show them how to look words up and we share with them the pleasure of learning new things.  We can do that with math too."
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Guest Blogger: Kate Hannigan

"Throughout the three books, I have my characters meet these key real-life figures and learn from them. So that as the superheroes demonstrate the best ways to punch out supervillains, the historical figures also show them real-life skills. I want to plant the seed with young readers that the things we're good at—math, puzzles, pattern recognition, languages, even flying—might actually become our own superpowers."
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G. Neri and the cover of Polo Cowboy

G. Neri on Polo Cowboy

The TeachingBooks Virtual Book Tour is your opportunity to learn from and build personal connections with extraordinary book creators and their brand-new titles. In this post, award-winning author G. Neri talks about his new novel Polo Cowboy, illustrated by Jesse Joshua Watson.
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