Start Fresh and Fast!

Clean Classroom ✓ New Supplies ✓ The start of a new school year is bright with possibilities. Teachingbooks can help keep instruction exciting for you and your readers. Take advantage of this time to fine tune and bring “newness” to your instruction. Keep what is already working and call on us for resources that can […]

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Inspiration for Isabel

Guest Blogger: Alan Gratz

If I could have nameless, faceless avatars running around making my plots function, my work would be a lot easier. But no one wants to read that story—including me. Readers want characters that have lives off the page. Characters that feel like friends, or enemies. Characters to root for, and root against. Characters that are […]

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Guest Blogger: Ruth Behar

As I listened to Ruthie, I discovered the magic of yielding to a story. Memory and fiction became my wings. At times I wrote about things that I thought I’d made up and was surprised when I learned that they were actually true.

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