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Guest Blogger: Rose Brock

"As an educator, Hope Wins is the book I wish had existed over the years to give to the young people in my life that were struggling. It tells them, "You can do this. You are strong. You are capable. You are enough. You can hang your heart on hope.”"
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Guest Blogger: Diana Farid

"For me, stepping into the ocean is a lot like entering a poem. Because poems are where emotions, that often feel mysterious and vast, are given sound and space. Like the rhythm of crashing ocean waves, poems are a song I can revisit, explore, and maybe even find transcendence in."
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Guest Blogger: Erika Lewis

"Researching and visiting historical sights became a passion, and the lore associated with them became inspiration for my was on a trip to Scotland, to the Isle of Skye, where I was lucky enough to visit the ruins of Dunscaith Castle (also known as the Fortress of Shadows), that I learned of the deity who would be the inspiration for the leader of The Academy for the Unbreakable Arts."
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