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Nick’s Picks: Series fiction

In this post, I invite you to introduce a multimedia dimension to your students’ series reading. Children love series fiction. They enjoy the familiarity of the storylines, become comfortable with the formulas, and delight in the characters’ idiosyncrasies. Educators appreciate that these titles are accessible to all children—from the voracious readers who never put a book down to the English Language Learners who build on the successful completion of one volume to move confidently on to the next.
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Guest Blogger: Julius Lester

One of the burdens carried by children's literature is the expectation that it is supposed to be didactic, that it is supposed to teach a lesson. "What lesson do you want children to take away from your book?" is a question I get all the time about my children's books. Yet, I have never been asked that question about any of my books for adults.
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Putting some mystery back into history

A few weeks ago I spoke with author M.T. Anderson to create an original Book Reading and an Author Name Pronunciation.  While speaking with M.T., I realized something simple yet powerful—writers are inventors!  Authors are idea people, and because of…
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Caldecott star

In anticipation of the American Library Association’s announcements later this month, we invite you to bring Caldecott-winning illustrator, David Wiesner, into your classroom.  Here are some ideas: 1) Most importantly, learn how to say “Wiesner” correctly. 2) Enjoy (and share)…
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Paying homage

When we learned earlier this fall that Louisiana author Coleen Salley had suddenly passed away, we were humbly privileged to realize what a gift she’d given when she called our author name pronunciation line.  Listening to Coleen Salley’s Author Name…
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Sample and savor

Every year around this time my grandfather would give my grandmother a box of chocolates.  I quickly learned that not every chocolate in the sampler box thrilled me.  One year, my sister taught me the trick of picking out a…
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