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David Wiesner’s SPOT

Spot by David Wiesner Spot (HMH 2015) is based on a concept that I have been exploring since I was a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. It is the idea of worlds within worlds that a reader can move into and out of through vertical transitions – going deeper and deeper into an image […]

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Guest Blogger: Christian Robinson

When I’m asked how I came to illustrate Patricia Hruby Powell’s Josephine: The Dazzling Life of Josephine Baker (Chronicle Books 2014), my most direct answer is that my agent Steven Malk shared the manuscript with me, after being approached by editors at Chronicle. The more magical response would be that Josephine Baker’s life was an […]

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Guest Blogger: Lisa Charleyboy

For seven years, I’ve been sharing the stories of the many incredibly talented Native artists, writers, fashion designers, and entrepreneurs across North America on my blog “Urban Native Girl” and the online magazine I co-founded, Urban Native Magazine. So when Mary Beth Leatherdale came to me with the idea to create an anthology for youth […]

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Guest Bloggers: Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet

For me, it was the sheer number of fields in which Roget developed a working knowledge, and in which he also had significant influence. Roget was interested in just about everything and wrote papers, articles, and books on subjects ranging from botany to mathematics and optics to public health. Today, when most people super-specialize in […]

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Guest Blogger: Sylvia Long

My interest in the natural world began early. It stemmed from my mother’s infectious excitement on hearing the song of an oriole, then finding its intricate hanging nest at the top of a nearby cottonwood tree. And from my father’s comments on the geology of the landscapes streaming past our car windows on our annual […]

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Guest Blogger: David Macaulay

When I start a book I know what it’s going to be about, but I almost never know the best way to tell the story. With Jet Plane: How It Works (David Macaulay Studio, 2012), I started with elephants. I was thinking about how remarkable it is that heavy things can fly.?

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Meet the Caldecott Winners

As we celebrate 75 years of the Caldecott Medal (1938-2013), this article offers a compilation of TeachingBooks.net original interviews with a few Caldecott Medalists. Hundreds of interviews, lesson plans, and recordings of Caldecott-recipients pronouncing their names are freely available as part of this celebration at http://TeachingBooks.net/Caldecott.  We hope you enjoy watching the 75th anniversary Caldecott video montage, too. […]

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Guest Blogger: Laura Vaccaro Seeger

“I think you should write a book called Green.” One evening in 2007, I received an email from Neal Porter. He wrote, “Here’s a title for you and Pete. Green.” Neal Porter is my editor at Macmillan’s Roaring Brook Press. We’ve worked together on each of the 15 books I’ve written and illustrated. In the […]

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Literacy posters from award-winning illustrator Marie-Louise Gay

Generously shared with TeachingBooks.net As a gift to our customers, every year we share some images of non-book art from a wonderful illustrator. This year, Marie-Louise Gay kindly provided the following examples of posters she has created to promote book festivals and other literary events. Please enjoy. Image courtesy of Marie-Louise Gay, 2012 Image courtesy of […]

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