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Support English Language Learners

Looking for resources to support your English Language Learners’ exposure to text? Use TeachingBooks multimedia instructional materials to enhance their learning experiences. Share with students author’s authentic voice in multiple languages. Provide background knowledge, discussion models, and enhance vocabulary development to support students’ acquisition of language. Infuse TeachingBooks resources across the four domains of listening, […]

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Diverse Books: A Shared Mission

Have you ever thought, “Whose perspectives am I missing, and how can I include them for all readers?”  Diverse books help us fill those gaps. When you’re teaching diverse books, helps you instruct with authentic, respectful, primary source materials to enliven discussion and nurture insights.  Here are examples to consider: Identify and integrate exceptional […]

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Reader’s Theater: Perform the Book!

Reader’s Theater is fun! Loved by students and teachers because it makes the words come alive. Here are a few ideas about Reader’s Theater that will get you started or extend the use of it in your literacy lessons or library. Performance: Julie Andrews Edwards, actress and author, explains the connections between books and performance. Build […]

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You Boost Student Literacy: Here’s Your Proof!

Working on strategies to support this year’s literacy goals? Need concrete evidence and a conversation starter for your evaluation?’s newly revised, self-guided Professional Development module provides opportunities and evidence to support your literacy goals. A fundamental aspect of an effective teacher evaluation is having a constructive, reflective process for gathering evidence. Tangible evidence provides concrete […]

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Cross-curricular Uses for the Author Name Pronunciation Guide

The Author Name Pronunciation Guide, created by, features more than 2,000 short audio clips by book creators sharing the true pronunciation and origin of their names. It is a freely accessible resource, ready-to-use to enliven and personalize your lesson plans across the curriculum. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways the Author Name Pronunciation Guide has […]

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We’ve Moved

The team in our new home! Effective immediately,’s mailing address is now: LLC 2712 Marshall Court, Suite 1 Madison, WI 53705 All other company contact information remains the same, including phone, fax, and email.

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Read Around the Fifty Nifty United States

Can you name all 50 states in the United States of America? At the risk of dating myself, I will reveal that I can, but only in alphabetical order and to the tune of the pre-school/elementary lyrical treasure “Fifty Nifty United States”. As a kindness to my colleagues, I sang the song silently “in my head” […]

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Connect Literacy and the Arts

Let us help you build solid connections between fine arts and achieving literacy goals! Are you a fine arts teacher looking for ways to support district and school literacy goals? Happily, can help! Art teachers could pair a Meet-the-Author movie with the art techniques being introduced.  For example, include Robert Sabuda on “Making a Pop-up Book,” or Saxton […]

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2015 Collaborative Summer Library Program Booklists is thrilled to partner with the CSLP and Upstart to share online summer library programming materials! 5-minute Video overview for CSLP 2015: Quick Start Guide: Use thousands of book and author related resources from the following booklists to enrich your summer programming:   CSLP for Early Literacy: Summer Reading Program STEAM Enhancements for Early Literacy:     CSLP […]

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