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Writing Prompts: Consider Author Voice

Author-Inspired Writing Prompts

Whether you’re back in the classroom, teaching virtually, or something in between, here are some ideas to get students in the “write” mood.  Take advantage of the voices of published authors and illustrators in these original source selections, designed to guide every writer through the creative process.

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Consider Author Voice

Think about what it means to establish voice in writing.  Tap into reflections from authors on how they approach voice in their own writing and the themes that form that voice.

Photo of Yuyi Morales
Hear Yuyi Morales share the importance of including both who she was in Mexico with who she is in the United States in her books with this Meet-the-Author Movie.
Photo of Ed Young
Watch this Meet-the-Author Movie with Ed Young on what he believes is the role of his books and how that inspires his work.
Photo of Francisco Jiménez
Consider personal experience in this In-depth Written Interview with Francisco Jiménez on themes in his writing and what impact he hopes his writing has on readers.
Explore other titles with Meet-the-Author Recordings for more inspiration.
Photo of Bryan Collier
See Bryan Collier’s collage process in this Meet-the-Author Movie and reflect on another form of author voice — illustrator style.
Photo of Sharon M. Draper
Discuss how an author’s voice can be influenced by characters they write with this Meet-the-Author Movie Sharon Draper on writing as a teacher first with a style that is character-driven.
Photo of Pam Muñoz Ryan
Listen to Pam Muñoz Ryan share creative ways that she has infused voice and themes like food into her books in this Meet-the-Author Movie.

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