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Writing Prompts: Determine Character Voice

Author-Inspired Writing Prompts

Whether you’re back in the classroom, teaching virtually, or something in between, here are some ideas to get students in the “write” mood.  Take advantage of the voices of published authors and illustrators in these original source selections, designed to guide every writer through the creative process.

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Determine Character Voice

Every story has characters whose voices we may remember long after we’ve closed the book.  Finding those character voices and writing them authentically is an essential part of the writing process.  Listen to these authors discuss how they found their characters’ voices and consider how you might find your own.

Play Lindsay Moore’s Meet-the-Author Recording on Sea Bear. Research an animal then write a story in the voice of that animal.
Listen to Kate DiCamillo explain why she decided to use first person voice in Louisiana’s Way Home.
Consider with students what it means for a character’s voice to insist on being heard. Listen to Francisco X. Stork’s Meet-the-Author Recording for Marcelo in the Real World.
Explore other titles with Meet-the-Author Recordings for more inspiration.
How does blogging or journaling support character development? Listen to S.K. Ali share some of the backstory for creating Saints and Misfits.
Teach students about the “What if” technique from author Kirby Larson in this Meet-the-Author Recording for Audacity Jones.
Guide your students to think about what story elements they like. Play this Meet-the-Author Recording Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan as an example of the thought process.

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