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Writing Prompts: Play with Words

Author-Inspired Writing Prompts

Whether you’re back in the classroom, teaching virtually, or something in between, here are some ideas to get students in the “write” mood.  Take advantage of the voices of published authors and illustrators in these original source selections, designed to guide every writer through the creative process.

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Play with Words

When writing our stories, language allows us the flexibility to tell them in our own unique way.  Learn how these authors consider words in their writing.  Then, get creative and tell your story, your way.

Listen to this Meet-the-Author Recording from Jacqueline West on The Collectors. Pay attention to how she creates a picture of the room using descriptive words. Then, choose a room that is important to you and describe the items in the room and how they make you feel.
Prepare for screenwriting by choosing a character and writing a journal entry in their voice—just as author Supriya Kelkar did for American as Paneer Pie.
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Photo of Jason Reynolds
Talk with students about dialect, word choice, and authentic voice. Read what award-winning author Jason Reynolds wished his teachers had told him.
Can you comprehend words that aren’t in your language? Play the inspiration behind Du Iz Tak? Read the book and translate the words. Pair students together to create their own language.

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