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Guest Blogger: Mary Ann Hoberman

Why memorize poetry? For the sheer joy of it! If there is a poem you love, nothing is more satisfying than committing it to memory. You’ll get to know the work far more deeply when you have read it aloud a number of times and familiarized yourself with its rhymes, rhythms, and repetitions as part of a living composition.
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Karen Hesse and Matt Phelan discover the Dust Bowl

Everyone in education has heard about different learning styles; some of the most prominent are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Perhaps educators have even considered their own learning style and how it influences teaching. But, has consideration ever been given to how these learning styles impact inspiration, interest, and research for a project that follows the inquiry process?
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Nick’s Picks: Cross-curricular resources about water

Walter Wick set up a complex device to snap a picture of a single drop of it. Barbara Kerley’s crystal-clear color photographs reveal how people worldwide are dependent on it, and connected by it. Langston Hughes, Karen Hesse, Jon Muth, and Herbert Shoveller celebrate its arrival in different forms. Water: ubiquitous, yet often scarce, and endlessly fascinating.
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Steptoe father and son

This spring we’ve been busily preparing to help celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Coretta Scott King (CSK) Book Awards. First celebrated in 1970, 246 recognitions have been bestowed since the award’s inception. In the early years, only authors were…
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Staff picks for March

We hope you enjoy our staff picks, which are our most recent favorite multimedia resources on TeachingBooks. Do you have a recent favorite resource or a resource you love to use again and again? Post a comment to let other…
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The sound of poetry

A few weeks ago I spoke with the author and poet, Naomi Shihab Nye, to record her introducing and reading from some of her poems and her novel Habibi.  It was fascinating and exciting to hear Naomi read her…
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