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Rendezvous with John Green

You name the time.  You name the place.  Meet the Printz-Award winning author John Green via two brand new original book readings on Listen to the stories behind John’s books Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns.  Gain insight by hearing the author himself read from his novels.  John’s rhythm and subtle intonation bring each […]

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Creating an online reading with Jeanne DuPrau

I recently called Jeanne DuPrau, author of The City of Ember, to create an original book reading.  Jeanne began her book reading by sharing her inspiration for this fascinating book in which an entire city exists underground without any knowledge of the world above. After reading The City of Ember and then hearing Jeanne introduce […]

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2nd Children’s Poet Laureate: a walking rhyming dictionary

Congratulations to Mary Ann Hoberman who has recently been named the 2nd Children’s Poet Laureate by The Poetry Foundation. If you try an author search for Mary Ann Hoberman, you’ll find many resources on including book guides, her author website, her Author Name Pronunciation, and Mary Ann’s Original Author Program video. We want to […]

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