Characters’ Names

As the new school year begins, you and your students are probably learning a lot of new names.

Using the Author Name Pronunciation Guide, we invite you to learn the names of hundreds of authors and illustrators. In this post, though, we want to highlight two audio files that give insight into the proper pronunciation of characters’ names:

Listen to Linda Sue Park as she explains how living in the South influenced her parents’ decision on what to name her.  She also pronounces the names of the characters in the following books she’s written: The Kite Fighters (2000), A Single Shard (2001), When My Name was Keoko (2002), and Archer’s Quest (2006) (all Clarion).



Listen to Jacqueline Woodson as she pronounces the names of characters in her books Maizon at Blue Hill (1992), Last Summer with Maizon (1990), Hush (2002), Miracle’s Boys (2000), Locomotion (2003), and Show Way (2005) (all Penguin).


If there are names of other literary characters that you’ve wondered how to pronounce, let us know! We’ll see if we can get the answers for you.

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  1. Terry Roper July 11, 2017 at 4:30 pm #

    Love this idea of pronounciation guides for character’s names. Very helpful for some books. It will feel so logical turning to for this type of info as they have become my go-to source for author/illustrator information.
    Great post!

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