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Teen Read Week and speculative fiction

This year’s Teen Read Week (October 18-24) has the theme of “Read Beyond Reality @ your library.” To search for relevant resources, try the TeachingBooks Guided/Advanced Search page where you can search for resources associated with specific genres … including…
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Guest Blogger: Ingrid Law

One of the wonderful things about stories is their ability to allow us to explore and make believe. Whether as a reader or a writer, stories give us the chance to try on different hats. To see things from a new or different perspective. Or to share a bit of our own perspective with others.
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Feed our minds during Teen Tech Week

Teen Tech Week (March 8-14, 2009) is a great time to explore with young people the variety of roles that technology plays in society. Thought-provoking books that incorporate technology, such as Feed written by M.T. Anderson (Candlewick Press, 2002), provide…
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Writing crazy sentences

I recently spoke with Ingrid Law to record her reading from her fantastically creative book, Savvy.  When recording a Book Reading, I ask authors to share a little extra special information about how they came to write the book…
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Meet Christopher Paolini

Christopher Paolini, the author of Eragon and Brisingr, is only a few clicks of your mouse away… so, turn on your speakers or get your headphones ready. Listen to the readings we recently created with Christopher to hear the…
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Have you heard of Beverly Bunn?

If you’re familiar with Beezus, Ramona, Ralph S. Mouse, or Mr. Henshaw, then you also know Beverly Bunn. As you may have guessed, Beverly Bunn is Beverly Cleary! I learned this when I recently called Beverly Cleary to record her…
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