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Guest Blogger: Eugenia Cheng

"I think just about everyone knows that reading to children is a good thing to do, and we read them compelling stories, not grammar exercises. We expand their vocabulary by reading them stories with words they don't understand, and if we find we can't explain a word ourselves we don't abandon the book, but hopefully we show them how to look words up and we share with them the pleasure of learning new things.  We can do that with math too."
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Guest Blogger: Laurie Wallmark

"So, how can we use books to encourage children’s interest in STEM? To do so, we need to ignite their excitement at an early age. Barriers to children embracing these fields include inadequate access and exposure, prejudicial expectations, and lack of interest, among other things. How can we help children overcome these obstacles? It’s easy. All we have to do is expose them to STEM-related books, both fiction and nonfiction."
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