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Guest Blogger: Nick Bruel

Good morning, Nick. Good morning. Thank you for meeting with me. I know it’s early. No problem. I appreciate the invitation. So, how often do you actually talk to yourself in the mirror? Oh, not as often as you might think. Sometimes if there’s no mirror around, I hold two tin cans with a string attached up to each of my ears. It’s like I’m playing telephone with myself! That’s pretty neat. Thank you. I invented it myself. So, what do you want to talk about today? Fragment sentences? Maybe: we could talk about, improper use; of punctuation - marks! No, I’d rather talk about creative writing and the tax code.
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Guest Blogger: Katherine Applegate

I love doing research when I’m working on a novel, and not just because it’s a great way to procrastinate. Research can be as vital to a work of fiction as it is to nonfiction. It fleshes out your backstory. It helps you make serendipitous connections. It lets you know–truly know–your characters and setting.
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Guest Blogger: Mélanie Watt

I’ve been writing and illustrating children's books for over a decade now. Wow, how time flies! But people are often surprised to hear that I came to this profession unexpectedly. Just like Scaredy Squirrel (Kids Can, 2006), who jumps out of his nut tree into the unknown, I leapt into the world of children’s books. It all started with an art project and a teacher who sent my Leon the Chameleon (Kids Can, 2001) mock-up to a publisher.
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Guest Blogger: Jon Scieszka

It has been both fun and challenging to tell the Spaceheadz story across media. Print is a controlled, linear form of storytelling. As the author, I control the pace of the story by its position on the page. In contrast, digital storytelling is a whole different form; different parts of the story can be accessed at different times and in different ways.
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Blog Tour: Gary Ghislain

Today, TeachingBooks.net welcomes author Gary Ghislain as he stops by on his blog tour. Writing comedy means writing jokes and funny lines page after page. Some days, you wake up, you drink a gallon of coffee, you do twenty push-ups,…
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