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Inspiration for Isabel

Guest Blogger: Alan Gratz

If I could have nameless, faceless avatars running around making my plots function, my work would be a lot easier. But no one wants to read that story—including me. Readers want characters that have lives off the page. Characters that feel like friends, or enemies. Characters to root for, and root against. Characters that are real.
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Guest Blogger: Jon Scieszka

It has been both fun and challenging to tell the Spaceheadz story across media. Print is a controlled, linear form of storytelling. As the author, I control the pace of the story by its position on the page. In contrast, digital storytelling is a whole different form; different parts of the story can be accessed at different times and in different ways.
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What we wish for …

TeachingBooks.net recently created three new Book Readings with Newbery Award-winning author, Richard Peck. One of the special things about the Original Book Readings we make in-house at TeachingBooks, is that they actually contain more than just book excerpts being read…
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