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TeachingBooks and the Blended Learning, Technology-Rich Environment (Part 2)

Blend Learning with TeachingBooks Resources

Enrich classroom engagement by infusing digital resources and student choice into lessons.  A blended learning, technology-rich environment offers increased flexibility with differentiated instruction and virtual teaching.  Use the resources on TeachingBooks to increase opportunities for student choice, support teacher-led instruction, and facilitate the integration of each into a blended learning, technology-rich environment.  Explore the examples and ideas for Blended Learning: across curricular areas and within a focused unit below!

Blend Learning Across Curricular Areas

Teacher-led Instruction

Guide instruction for cross-curricular study…

  1. Start a biography writing unit with this Meet-the-Author Recording for Diary of a Worm
    • Listen as a class or post to your learning management system such as Google Classroom.  
  2. Have students choose an animal or insect to learn about and write their own diary for. 
    • Offer ideas from the featured resource, “Doreen Cronin as Our Mentor,” in this book guide.
  3. Use this lesson plan to help students differentiate narrative and informational elements of a text.  
  4. Then, have them illustrate their diaries with both narrative and informational elements featured.  

Offer Student Choice

Simultaneous to teacher-led instruction, students can engage with these supplemental activities at a pace of their choosing…

  • At the beginning of the unit, share a Custom Reading List of Biographies with Meet-the-Author Recordings that students can listen to at their own pace.  
    • For each recording, ask students to share one thing they learned either in writing or illustration.
    • At the end of the unit, students can post their favorite facts to a shared “biography” board.
  • Also create a list of all Science books that have a Meet-the-Author Recording.
    • Have students listen and record facts that they learned from each.
    • At the end of the unit, all students can add their favorite facts to a shared “science” board.

Blend Learning Within a Focused Unit

Teacher-Led Instruction

Guide instruction on a particular unit…

  1. Start a unit on literary forms by sharing a collection of titles for a genre of your choice.
  2. Introduce a variety of literary forms by exploring graphic novels, poetry, book trailers, and reader’s theater scripts.
  3. Have students adapt their independent reading book into new literary forms like graphic novel, poetry, etc. Consider this example…

Offer Student Choice

Simultaneous to teacher-led instruction, students can engage with these supplemental activities at a pace of their choosing…

Adapt a significant moment from your independent reading book…

What’s working for you?

How are you using TeachingBooks to create a blended learning, technology-rich environment? Leave your ideas in a comment below!

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