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Scaffolding Instruction to Support All Readers

Consider these strategies to enhance engagement and comprehension of assigned texts using the resources on TeachingBooks. Design the literary experience before, during, and after reading a book.

Pre Reading 
For Example You Might…

Introduce a lesson with Christopher Paul Curtis’ Meet-the-Author Movie to build interest and create a purpose for reading.

Photo of Christopher Paul Curtis
During Reading 
For Example You Might…

Create a jigsaw activity using Kate DiCamillo‘s interviews to compare and contrast voice and content.

Photo of Kate DiCamillo
Post Reading
For Example You Might…

Have students demonstrate characterization of a chosen text using the book trailer for All the Bright Places as a model.

All the Bright Places

What’s working for you?

How are you using TeachingBooks to scaffold your literacy instruction? Leave your ideas in a comment below!

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