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See how others are using TeachingBooks! Discover tips for integrating TeachingBooks resources into your classrooms and libraries. Written by the TeachingBooks professional development team with guest contributions from users like you!

Differentiate Literacy Instruction with TeachingBooks

Provide responsive literacy instruction that varies content, pacing, and outcomes to meet and support readers where they are.

Vary Content

Use a variety of resource formats to support different learning styles.

Scaffold Instruction

Engage with multiple delivery methods to expand learning modalities.

  • Match readers to titles with the text complexity toolkit.
  • Support all students with multi-leveled lessons that…
    • Allow differentiation for students reading the same text.
    • Expand reader’s workshops when using a variety of texts.
  • Create self-paced learning centers with QR codes… 

Differentiate Product

Vary how readers demonstrate comprehension or appreciation of a text.

What’s working for you?

How are you using TeachingBooks to differentiate your literacy instruction? Leave your ideas in a comment below!

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