You Boost Student Literacy: Here’s Your Proof!

Working on strategies to support this year’s literacy goals? Need concrete evidence and a conversation starter for your evaluation?’s newly revised, self-guided Professional Development module provides opportunities and evidence to support your literacy goals. A fundamental aspect of an effective teacher evaluation is having a constructive, reflective process for gathering evidence. Tangible evidence provides concrete opportunities for sharing with colleagues and personal reflection.

Use the module to:

  • Explore materials and tools targeting student achievement
  • Complete the inquiry-based module creating an initial implementation plan that can be added to a digital or print portfolio
  • Inform conversations around literacy with administrators during evaluations
  • Obtain concrete evidence of a literacy plan and a certificate of completion

Designed to employ inquiry-based learning, the PD Module guides you through the website, allowing you to identify and curate resources to enhance your literacy instruction and support of building and district literacy goals. As you progress through each stage of the inquiry process, you have the opportunity to expand on your planning using the journaling feature. All of your curated content and planning notes will be delivered to you upon completion of the module in a format that can be saved, printed and uploaded to teacher accountability program software.’s Professional Development Module, which can be accessed at, serves as a valuable component of your effective teacher portfolio and documents your contributions to student literacy achievement.


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