Global Connections to Authors & Books with the Hans Christian Andersen Award

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In an effort to build awareness about the remarkable books written for children and teens across the globe, the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) has established the Hans Christian Andersen Award. Every two years, one author and one illustrator are selected as recipients of the award, considered by many to be the world’s most prestigious in children’s publishing. Maurice Sendak, for example, is the only illustrator from the United States to ever win this award.

In the spirit of IBBY’s mission to foster global connections to great books and stories, has developed the following digital collection of recordings and websites. This archive introduces fans of children’s and young adult books to the authors and illustrators that have been nominated for the 2012 Hans Christian Andersen Award.

We contacted and recorded as many of the 57 nominees from 32 countries as we could, and present below audio recordings of these men and women accurately pronouncing and speaking about their names, as well as their personal websites or Wikipedia entries.

We hope that these materials enable readers to become aware of the passion and the personalities that bring books and children together, worldwide.

If you have specific suggestions for contacting the authors and illustrators whose Name Pronunciation recordings are missing, or know of any missing websites about these Nominees, please email Nick Glass at

Learn more about the following 27 authors and 30 illustrators who are candidates for the 2012 Hans Christian Andersen Awards:

Ak, Sevim (Turkey): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Andruetto, María Teresa (Argentina): Personal Website

Ballester, Arnal (Venezuela): Personal Website

Baniasadi, Mohammad Ali (Iran): Personal Website

Bernasconi, Pablo (Argentina): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Berner, Rotraut Susanne (Germany): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Boulotis, Christos (Greece): Name Pronunciation

Burningham, John (United Kingdom): Wikipedia Entry

Campos de Queirós, Bartolomeu (Brazil): Personal Website

Colfer, Eoin (Ireland): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Dragt, Tonke (Netherlands): Personal Website

Fleischman, Paul (USA): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Galeron, Henri (France): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Graham, Bob (Australia): Name PronunciationPersonal Website

Habinger, Renate (Austria): Name PronunciationPersonal Website

Hellsing, Lennart (Sweden): Personal Website

Hohler, Franz (Switzerland): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Hong Seong-Chan (Republic of Korea): Name Pronunciation

Hwang Sun-mi (Republic of Korea): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Joos, Louis (Belgium): Name PronunciationPersonal Website

Jorisch, Stéphane (Canada)

Kaaberbøl, Lene (Denmark): Personal Website

Kako, Satoshi (Japan)

Kerim, Silvia (Romania)

Lada, Effie (Greece): Name PronunciationPersonal Website

Maar, Paul (Germany): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Mattingley, Christobel (Australia): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Mello, Roger (Brazil): Name Pronunciation

Moeyaert, Bart (Belgium): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Moldovan, Valeria (Romania)

Mourlevat, Jean-Claude (France): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Nasu, Masamoto (Japan)

Nopola, Sinikka (Finland): Name Pronunciation

Nopola, Tiina (Finland): Name Pronunciation

Oral, Feridun (Turkey): Name Pronunciation

Paegle, Anita (Latvia)

Pardi, Charlotte (Denmark): Name Pronunciation

Pavček, Tone (Slovenia): Name Pronunciation | Wikipedia Entry

Paz, Agustín Fernández (Spain): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Pelz, Monika (Austria): Name Pronunciation | Wikipedia Entry

Peonidou, Elli (Cyprus): Name Pronunciation

Pitzorno, Bianca (Italy): Name Pronunciation | Wikipedia Entry

Pullman, Phillip (United Kingdom): Name PronunciationPersonal Website

Raschka, Chris (USA): Name Pronunciation | Wikipedia Entry

Ršumoviċ, Ljubivoje (Serbia): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Schärer, Kathrin (Switzerland): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Sís, Peter (Czech Republic): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Sortland, Bjørn (Norway): Personal Website

Sottler, Alenka (Slovenia): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Spirin, Gennadij (Russia): Name Pronunciation

Talvitie, Virpi (Finland): Name Pronunciation | Wikipedia Entry

Tidholm, Anna-Clara (Sweden): Name PronunciationPersonal Website

Torseter, Øyvind (Norway): Name Pronunciation | Wikipedia Entry

Tullio-Altan, Francesco (Italy): Wikipedia Entry

van Haeringen, Annemarie (Netherlands): Personal Website

Wynne-Jones, Tim (Canada): Name Pronunciation | Personal Website

Zabala, Javier (Spain): Name Pronunciation

Živkoviċ, Dobrosav (Serbia): Name Pronunciation | Wikipedia Entry


About the Hans Christian Andersen Award

“The Hans Christian Andersen Awards are presented every two years by IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) to an author and an illustrator whose complete works have made an important and lasting contribution to children’s literature.” Continuing reading about the award at its official website.

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  1. Children's Book Council Of Iran November 14, 2011 at 5:58 am #

    Dear Friends
    Thanks a lot for your useful effort towards HCA Awards and children’s literature. I just want to correct Iranian nominee’s website address. M.A Baniasadi’s new and active site address is:

    Best Wishes

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