Award-winning illustrator Yuyi Morales’
homemade silver jewelry

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Every year we ask an illustrator whom we work with to share some images of non-book art as a gift to our customers. Yuyi Morales kindly provided the following images and reflections. Please enjoy.

Dear Friends,
In the heart of downtown Xalapa, my hometown in Mexico, there is a an old neighborhood “patio” (a group of rooms around a courtyard) where a space exists to create art.

Photo courtesy of Yuyi Morales, 2011

From one room, the string music from hand carved Jaranas is played. The sound of the typewriter comes from another room where a reporter writes his articles. Across the courtyard, the banging of the ironsmith’s hammer on horse shoes keeps the beat of the day. It is in this patio, among these many sounds, that I have spent many of my recent days learning to create art from silver.

Photo courtesy of Yuyi Morales, 2011

The silversmith room is filled with constant movement. Artisans come in and out, bringing their silver to melt, flattening it into sheets with a manual metal press, pulling silver rods though tiny holes to make fine wire, cutting shapes, welding pieces together, bending wire, and adding stones.

They do all of this until each silver piece matches what they had imagined.

Photo courtesy of Yuyi Morales, 2011

I am still very new to silversmithing. I am fascinated by both the strength and the malleability of the metal, the transformative power of the fire, the magic of the welding, and the delight of polishing a piece that has taken much care—and even some finger cuts and burns—to put together. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my recent silver work!

– Yuyi Morales
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homemade silver jewelry

  1. Shelley Ward March 11, 2011 at 7:27 am #

    thank you for sharing your talents with us. I will share this with my students and faculty members.

  2. Bonnie Barnes March 15, 2011 at 8:40 am #

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork with us! As an artist, I appreciate the creativity and work you have put into your designs.

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