Poetry Friday: Eloise Greenfield

I encourage you to find poetry in unexpected places—in places beyond books. For example, 80-year-old poet and author Eloise Greenfield reminded me that poetry can be found in rap music. In fact, Eloise found inspiration for her book Nathaniel Talking (Writers & Readers, 1989) when she decided to write a “rap poem.”

The character who came to her as she wrote the poem “Nathaniel’s Rap” became the basis for her entire book.

Listen to Eloise Greenfield read the poem “Knowledge” and share the backstory of Nathaniel Talking.

A favorite line from this poem:

“I’ve got it all figured out/By the time I’m an old man/I’m going to know almost everything about everything”

The original book reading with Eloise Greenfield was created as part of the Coretta Scott King Book Award Curriculum Resource Center.

Poetry Friday is hosted at Picture Book of the Day this week.

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  1. Mary Lee January 30, 2010 at 6:47 am #

    I want to know “almost everything about everything” too! But I’m afraid it will take me several lifetimes, since being an old lady is coming up on me faster than I like to admit!

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