Nick’s Picks: Series fiction

In this post, I invite you to introduce a multimedia dimension to your students’ series reading. Children love series fiction. They enjoy the familiarity of the storylines, become comfortable with the formulas, and delight in the characters’ idiosyncrasies. Educators appreciate that these titles are accessible to all children—from the voracious readers who never put a […]

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Guest Blogger: Julius Lester

One of the burdens carried by children’s literature is the expectation that it is supposed to be didactic, that it is supposed to teach a lesson. “What lesson do you want children to take away from your book?” is a question I get all the time about my children’s books. Yet, I have never been […]

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April 15th, 1912:
The day the Titanic sank

I happen to share my day of birth with a very tragic shipwreck. During the early hours on April 15th, 1912 the RMS Titanic sank into icy waters. I recently spoke with Don Brown, author of the nonfiction book All Stations! Distress!: April 15th, 1912: The Day the Titanic Sank (Roaring Brook Press, 2008).  I […]

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Colorful is beautiful

The first book by Ashley Bryan that I can remember picking up is Sing to the Sun: Poems and Pictures (HarperCollins, 1992). I was immediately attracted to the bold, colorful artwork. The positive images with their playfulness — and lots of yellow — stay with me to this day. In this Original Author Program movie […]

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Feed our minds during Teen Tech Week

Teen Tech Week (March 8-14, 2009) is a great time to explore with young people the variety of roles that technology plays in society. Thought-provoking books that incorporate technology, such as Feed written by M.T. Anderson (Candlewick Press, 2002), provide excellent conversation starters.  Readers of this particular YA novel are invited to consider the impact […]

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Staff picks for March

We hope you enjoy our staff picks, which are our most recent favorite multimedia resources on TeachingBooks. Do you have a recent favorite resource or a resource you love to use again and again? Post a comment to let other educators know about your selection and how you use/d it in the classroom. The Cricket […]

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George Washington Carver:
Environmentalist, Artist, & Educator

I recently spoke with author Tonya Bolden to record her introducing and reading a passage from her book George Washington Carver.  Listen to this Book Reading with students as an introduction to George Washington Carver.  You will be sure to learn something you didn’t know about this important man. In this Book Reading, Bolden’s honeyed […]

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