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The TeachingBooks Virtual Book Tour is your opportunity to learn from and build personal connections with extraordinary book creators and their brand-new titles. Included in all Virtual Book Tour posts are original interviews with authors and illustrators, lesson plans, an activity designed for young people, and much more!

Welcome Edward Hemingway

Edward Hemingway on Pigeon & Cat

In this post, we feature author Edward Hemingway, whose previous titles include Tough Cookie. You can hear him speak about his new picture book, Pigeon & Cat, and try his “invitation to imagine” activity. You’ll also find other resources to explore. Thanks for joining us, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Author and illustrator Edward Hemingway and the cover of Pigeon & Cat.

Pigeon & Cat

  • Written and illustrated by Edward Hemingway
  • Published by Christy Ottaviano Books, an imprint of Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
  • Release date: June 21, 2022

In an abandoned city lot, Cat lives alone in a cardboard box. He leaves only to find food. One day, Cat discovers an unbroken egg too beautiful to eat. Soon, out pecks Pigeon, and they become fast friends. Cat is happy to share his box with Pigeon. But when Pigeon flies far away from where they live, Cat must brave the city in order to rescue his friend. This journey will forever transform his understanding of home. This celebration of an urban community explores unlikely friendships, the creative spark within us, and how to give comfort and kindness in small, impactful gestures.

An interior image from Pigeon & Cat showing Cat in his urban home, sitting on his comfortable cardboard box. Inset drawings show more about his home: his jug of rainwater, his nest of old clothes to sleep on, his pile of fish bones, picked clean.
An interior image from Pigeon & Cat showing Pigeon flying over a colorful city. A drawing of a hopscotch board is inside a balloon with an arrow pointing to a city street below.

Explore Pigeon & Cat

Listen to Edward Hemingway talking with TeachingBooks about creating Pigeon & Cat. You can click the player below or experience the recording on TeachingBooks, where you can read along as you listen, and also translate the text to another language.

Invitation to Imagine

TeachingBooks asks each author or illustrator on our Virtual Book Tour to share a writing prompt, a drawing exercise, or just an interesting question to spark curiosity and creativity. Enjoy the following activity contributed by Edward Hemingway.

Imagination Activity with Edward Hemingway

Imagine that you spoke only in emojis and rebuses like the character of Pigeon in my book Pigeon & Cat. Now create a paragraph telling a friend (perhaps Cat) about what you’ve been up to in the last week, using only images such as emojis and dingbats. You can do it! When you’re finished, translate the paragraph into written English. 

Finish This Sentence . . . with Edward Hemingway

As part of our Virtual Book Tour, TeachingBooks asks authors and illustrators to complete short sentence prompts. Enjoy Edward Hemingway’s response.

“An unusual topic that I had to research for a book is…”

An unusual topic I had to research for my books is polydactyl cats. A polydactyl cat is born with more that 5 toes on one or more paws. I’m currently researching a book about my grandfather Ernest Hemingway’s first pet cat, named Snowball. He was a polydactyl cat with six toes on each of his front paws.

“Where I work is…”

Where I work is in a converted garage in a much larger artist’s collective called “Blunderbuss” in Bozeman, Montana. There are about 18 artists living and or working in the collective. I don’t live there, but I sometimes sleep in my studio when I work late! See the attached picture of my studio space.

Edward Hemingway's painting studio, with a painting of Pigeon & Cat on the easel.
Edward Hemingway's paint palette and brushes.

“I hope that my book encourages kids to think about…”

I hope that my book may encourage kids to think about the importance of kindness and community. And more specifically, how one small act of kindness can affect and enrich an entire community.

More Connections to Edward Hemingway and Pigeon & Cat

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