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Excite Summer Reading with TeachingBooks

Enriching Your Summer School Curricula

Complement your summer programs inside and outdoors with these quick, on-hand resources.  Use these ideas as stand-alone lessons, rainy day activities, quick midday breaks, and anywhere in between.

Dive into quick and simple, Ready-to-Use Activities and Activity Kits!

Activity sets like this one for Saturday by Oge Mora are great ways to help students maintain interest in summer programming.  They can:

  • Foster cooperative learning
  • Make learning fun
  • Allow time for more personal attention to students
  • Work with the instructional flexibility of summer programs
  • And, fit easily into project-based learning!

Swing into summer with great Reader’s Theater Resources—including over 400 scripts!

Why use Reader’s Theater? This great interactive engagement tool supports:

  • Fluency development
  • Increased comprehension
  • Active engagement with text
  • And, understanding of characterization
  • Plus, it’s fun!

Watch the Two-Minute Takeaway on Reader’s Theater!

Keep reading alive all summer long with Custom Reading Lists!

Give individual attention to each student by creating unique-to-them customized reading lists filled with possibilities for independent summer reads.

  • Add titles as you read together or that they read independently.
  • Use the sharing tools to communicate with families.
  • Send to next year’s teachers to give them insight into the students’ progress and reading preferences.

Watch the Two-Minute Takeaway on Student Reading Records!

Discover more for Summer on TeachingBooks!

Sample Monthly Lesson Ideas—Easy to access lesson ideas for use in libraries and classrooms.

What’s working for you?

We’d love to hear how you’re using TeachingBooks resources in your classrooms and libraries!  Leave your ideas in a comment below!

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