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Plug into Nonfiction with TeachingBooks!

Instruction that infuses nonfiction titles supports the development of reading and research skills, comprehension, persuasive writing, and much, much more. TeachingBooks resources facilitate the seamless integration of this rich body of texts to bring a love of nonfiction to ALL readers!

Increase Access to Nonfiction Titles

Book Cover for Not So Different: What You Really Want to Ask about Having a Disability

Use Nonfiction Titles to Enhance Reading Comprehension

Book Cover for Grandfather Gandhi

Support Differentiated Engagement with Nonfiction Titles

Book Cover for Giant Squid
  • Utilize nonfiction titles to support ELLs with reading comprehension and overall engagement.  Provide additional support for these readers using…
  • Scaffold readers’ nonfiction reading by presenting them with a range of reading levels on the same topic.  Build a basic foundation with early reader nonfiction texts as an introduction to higher level texts on the same topic.

What’s working for you?

How are you using nonfiction resources on TeachingBooks? Leave your ideas in a comment below!

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