Considering Current Events with Literacy Connections

Ordinarily, now would be a time we’d write to wish everyone “happy back-to-school.” Yet after watching the American news these past few weeks, these don’t feel like ordinary times. Instead, those of us at find ourselves deeply feeling, and wishing for tolerance, empathy, and support for all.

So today we offer what we educators and librarians can: a few authoritative book lists, book awards, and instructional materials to further discussion, connection, and understanding about our world. Ah, what a good book can reveal!


Regarding race, social justice, and culture, enjoy exploring these exemplary collections of books and resources:

Regarding natural disasters:

For each of these lists, please know that you can identify just the titles for your audience by narrowing grade level, curricular area, genre, cultural area, instructional resource type, and more.

On behalf of all of us at TeachingBooks, please know it is our privilege and honor doing all we can to support the literacy work in your communities. Ask if we can ever be of assistance.

-Nick Glass, Annette Smith, and Emily Townsend — the Directors of

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