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Each month the team is going to answer a “get-to-know-you” question, so you can learn more about us, and because we’d love to get to know more about you — please feel free to share your answer in the comments section!

What is a habit of yours that you are proud of?


Nick – Whenever I leave an establishment I say “thank you”, whether there is someone nearby or not. I don’t even think about it anymore.



Blog - Carin


 Carin – I try to ride my bike on days when it’s warmer than 30 degrees Fahrenheit / -1.78 degrees Celsius.  Oh yeah: and little to no precipitation, please!



Blog - Annette

Annette – Weightlifting before the crack of dawn.




Blog - Val

Val – I am most proud of my habit of being an early riser. I am going to claim this habit even though it really reflects my dog, Hazel’s desire to be fed.



Blog - Adam


Adam – I’m always on time. I got checked out by my doctor before and she said it was genetic. I am biologically incapable of being late.




Blog -Kym

Kym – I take the stairs rather than the elevator. I carpool whenever possible. I volunteer to causes that are close to my heart.



Blog - Katie

Katie –  My answer would be that I make an effort to smile at everyone I encounter.  Smiles are contagious and they have found that smiling improves a person’s mood, so smiling at other people (even strangers) improves the world around you.



Blog - Sarah

Sarah – Before I speak, I think about how my words and actions might affect other people… and I am an avid consumer of vegetables.





BLog - Amy

Amy – I almost always use my blinker to signal turns when driving a car. Even if no one is likely to be within sight. Even in the driveway. Of course, this should be everyone’s habit because it’s a basic part of driving a motor vehicle, and so it should go without saying, but…



Blog - Ray

Ray – I make a point every day to seek out a new idea on a topic I’m interested in and one that I know little about.



Blog - Mary Ellen


Mary Ellen – I regularly ask people how I can help.





Blog - Sandy

Sandy –  I floss every night, which means I will live way longer than the rest of you (just kidding)!!







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