What is something you are really into right now?

Each month the TeachingBooks.net team is going to answer a “get-to-know-you” question, so you can learn more about us, and because we’d love to get to know more about you — please feel free to share your answer in the comments section! 


Carin’s Valentines cards.

Carin: I’ve been really into making art about and reflecting my love for the stories and experiences of folks from the African diaspora. Don’t worry… no books were harmed in the making of these Valentines.


Val: I’m really into getting rid of accumulated possessions in preparation for a bit of house downsizing.



Hot, hot yoga during the cold, cold winter.

Ray: I’m really into home-brewing right now (and I suspect forever).


Nick: I am really into hot, hot yoga.


Amy: Lately, I’m into practicing Spanish.



There’s still hope!

Annette: I’m into browsing the seed catalogs. Spring has to be just around the corner!


Mark: Road cycling, commuting, touring and camping around Wisconsin and Illinois.


Adam: Binge-watching the Canadian sci-fi show “Continuum” on Netflix. It’s a high-concept premise (time traveling cops and criminals) that deals with some down-to-earth subjects like family and legacy.



Home sweet home.

Sarah: I’m really into scouring the internet and books for design ideas to employ in farmhouse remodeling.


Jeanette: Indoor cycling — it’s like dancing on a bike!


What are you really into right now?

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