What is the last photo you took?

Each month the TeachingBooks.net team is going to answer a “get-to-know-you” question, so you can learn more about us, and because we’d love to get to know more about you — please feel free to share your answer in the comments section! 




Glove. A still life.


I took this photo of a glove as a tribute to a friend of mine, who often posts images of left behind single gloves and mittens on her Facebook feed. My photo is pretty boring in comparison to hers; I’ve often encouraged her to collect her images in a coffee table book.






Nothing but blue skies.

When the truck gets stuck, but the wood must be retrieved — our backup furnace was broken, and the temperature was about -10, so we bundled up and hauled wood to the house to fuel our wood stove. The pipes froze anyway, but at least we got some exercise!







228 (B Baker Street).

This is a photo of the sign outside my hotel room door in Wausau, WI. I thought it was pretty clever to give people a visual/image to remember — and not just their room number. Seemed like a good educational tool. Of course the sign also includes Braille and a non-smoking symbol — both of which I’m grateful for! And of course, the room number ends in 8, which made me happy too, since 8 is my favorite number.





Frozen antifreeze…


It was the morning after a night when it was -8 F this January, and we found some frozen antifreeze under our car. Documented in case we had any trouble. Also it was so cold even antifreeze froze.






My last photo was of my aunt, cousin and niece, taken during my trip to Michigan.




Winter wonderland.



A view from the TeachingBooks.net office in Madison, WI. Enjoying the snow!






Friday, Fries-day.



My most recent photo was taken on Friday at lunch with Adam. I texted it to Mark since he was missing out.







Good times!



From a very fun wedding I recently attended.







Story time is the best time.



IMAG0437 (1)

Live long and prosper.


My favorite birthday present, a 1000 piece Star Trek puzzle. The photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s three feet long and a foot tall!





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