2015 WRAD Blogging Challenge: Week 2

Week 2: February 16 – 22

You & Someone New: Answer the following questions with someone you haven’t spoken to about reading before. 


1. I think everyone in the world should read…


Val: The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle

Jeanette: More, More Said the Baby by Vera Williams




2. If I could listen to anyone in the world read aloud to me it would be…

Val: James Earl Jones

Jeanette: Patrick Stewart


3. When I read aloud, my favorite character to impersonate is


Val: Bad Kitty

Jeanette: Eloise




4. The genre or author that takes up the most room on my bookshelf (or e-reader) is…


Val: J.A. Jance (Joanna Brady mysteries)

Jeanette: Redwall Series by Brian Jacques





5. My favorite part about reading aloud or being read to is…

Val: How it changes the pacing of the “reading” and clarifies the images I visualize.

Jeanette: Closing my eyes and imagining the settings and characters.


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