Illustrators’ non-book artwork

As a way to perpetuate readers’ personal connections with book creators, we at have periodically featured original artwork created by some of the illustrators with whom we’ve worked.

We like imagining that when these great illustrators aren’t working on books, they are feeding their own creative spirits by making art just for the fun of it.

Please enjoy this collection of non-book artwork generously shared by five professional illustrators.

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Cartoons made via copperplate etching by Arthur Geisert

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Cats made using tin cans, bottle caps, & rivets by Denise Fleming

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Collages made with magazine ads & watercolor by Bryan Collier

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Travel sketches created with pens & pastels by David Small

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Stained glass windows created with sea glass by Ashley Bryan

What do you think of these one-of-a-kind pieces?  How do they inspire you to create your own artwork?  Leave a comment below!

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