A captivating visit with Suzanne Fisher Staples

Can you remember the first book that really captivated you? A book that brought you on a journey to a brand new place?  A book that you just couldn’t wait to pick up again for the pleasure of being totally immersed, completely absorbed, in the story?

For me, that book was Suzanne Fisher Staples’, Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind (Random House, 1989).

When I recorded Suzanne speaking about Shabanu and reading an excerpt, I realized that I’d been mispronouncing the book’s title and protagonist’s name for years. This reminded me of a simple, but very useful, reason to listen to audio resources about the books I am reading and recommending.

I also learned that Suzanne worked as a news reporter in Pakistan and then did literacy work in the Cholistan Desert.  I love how TeachingBooks.net’s Original Book Readings include the author speaking about the story behind the story.  I find it interesting to listen to these Book Readings both before and after reading a book.  I love the new connection I feel with an author when I’ve heard their voice and their inspiration for writing a particular book.

Learn more about Suzanne Fisher Staples and her reasons for writing Shabanu in her Original Book Reading of Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind.

When you listen to this Original Book Reading, I hope you’ll also notice the new audio player, which we’ve improved based on customer feedback. Educators have shared that it’s helpful for them to know the length of the multimedia resources they plan to integrate into their teaching. So now, after clicking play, you’ll see each Book Reading’s length and elapsed time displayed. We hope you’ll enjoy this enhancement to the audio player.

Lastly, see all resources for Suzanne Fisher Staples on TeachingBooks.net, including her Author Name Pronunciation, website, and multiple Book Guides.

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