Writing crazy sentences

I recently spoke with Ingrid Law to record her reading from her fantastically creative book, Savvy.  When recording a Book Reading, I ask authors to share a little extra special information about how they came to write the book — the inspiration behind the story.

In a quiet and gentle voice, Ingrid Law shared with me that one morning she told herself to write the craziest sentence that came to mind.  No judging, no editing, just writing.  Ingrid loved the sentence so much, it became the first sentence of her book Savvy.

Now it’s your turn:

  • Listen to Ingrid’s story behind Savvy, and then enjoy her reading from the first chapter.
  • Ask your students to follow in Ingrid’s footsteps.  What will emerge as they brainstorm amazingly crazy sentences?
  • Feel free to use this Original Book Reading to jump-start your students into the book…or use it to help frame a new writing assignment!

Thanks to multimedia resources, you can have a professional author reinforce the writing techniques you’re already teaching.  Now that’s savvy!

Posted by Danika L. Morphew-Tarbuck, MLS, Web 2.0 Content Producer

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