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When I was a kid, my dad was involved in a project to help retain and transmit Anansi the Spider stories of Liberia, where my parents had served in the Peace Corps.  I remember him having a pile of type-written pages with a single, drawn spider at the top.

With today’s technology, we can now explore the Anansi stories of West Africa in a much more visually appealing way.  Thanks to Story Cove, we can use animated video productions to share folktales from around the world with even the youngest of our students.

The video Book Readings created by Story Cove are full-length, animated stories.  The brightly colored animations include varying perspectives that many children will find humorous and entertaining.

Luckily for educators, the videos are accompanied by discussion guides that help explore the morals of the tales.  These guides are available for use with students in grades preschool through 2nd grade.

What will your students learn from the story of Anansi and Turtle Go to Dinner?

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