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Every year around this time my grandfather would give my grandmother a box of chocolates.  I quickly learned that not every chocolate in the sampler box thrilled me.  One year, my sister taught me the trick of picking out a chocolate and ever-so-slightly cracking open the underside to reveal the filling.  When I found an unidentifiable pink goo filling, well, I put those chocolates back in the box.  When I saw caramel peaking through, I knew I had a keeper.

I like to think of TeachingBooks as method to peak inside of books, to reveal something new about a story or an author.  I hope you use the resources on to sample, to discover, and to savor.  Indulge in new information about a well-known favorite title.  Help your students expand their palates by sharing tasty new literary treats with the help of online Book Readings, Thematic Booklists, and/or Author Programs.

Here’s a little sampler of resources we have recently added to the site.  Enjoy!

Posted by Danika L. Morphew-Tarbuck, MLS, Web 2.0 Content Producer

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