The sound of poetry

A few weeks ago I spoke with the author and poet, Naomi Shihab Nye, to record her introducing and reading from some of her poems and her novel Habibi.  It was fascinating and exciting to hear Naomi read her poems and share the sources of inspiration for her poetry.  I think I enjoyed it so much because, suddenly, I had a much better sense for the rhythm and pacing of the poem as well as some new insights into the meaning behind her words.

I remember that Naomi mentioned her perception that people often feel intimidated by poetry and that she wanted to let readers know that poetry is something we can all relate to, that it doesn’t have to be viewed as a sort of highbrow form of expression. Click here to listen to Naomi introduce and read her poem inspired by memories of childhood and see what you think.

If you are interested in bringing poetry into your work or in enhancing your students’ experiences with poetry, use TeachingBooks to discover hundreds of online and multimedia resources for poetry.  This list of poetry resources includes online audio readings (such as Naomi Shihab Nye’s) as well as Author Programs and Book Guides.  I found these resources by conducting a Guided Search and selecting the poetry genre.

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