Rendezvous with John Green

You name the time.  You name the place.  Meet the Printz-Award winning author John Green via two brand new original book readings on

Listen to the stories behind John’s books Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns.  Gain insight by hearing the author himself read from his novels.  John’s rhythm and subtle intonation bring each of these novels’ protagonists to life, and one gets the sense that they’re real people with whom John regularly converses.  Perhaps they’re even somewhat autobiographical?  Take a listen and see what you think.

Plan a rendezvous with John Green today by listening to him read with gusto and emotion from Looking for Alaska and his newest book, Paper Towns.

Note: These readings would also be great to share with a book club, to listen to before a class discussion, and/or to use as a readers’ advisory tool.

Oh, and if you would like to hear John’s author name pronunciation, click here.

Posted by Danika L. Morphew-Tarbuck, MLS, Web 2.0 Content Producer

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