2nd Children’s Poet Laureate: a walking rhyming dictionary

Congratulations to Mary Ann Hoberman who has recently been named the 2nd Children’s Poet Laureate by The Poetry Foundation.

If you try an author search for Mary Ann Hoberman, you’ll find many resources on TeachingBooks.net including book guides, her author website, her Author Name Pronunciation, and Mary Ann’s Original Author Program video.

We want to bring authors to you.  Mary Ann Hoberman is just one of many authors with whom we have created an Original Author Program.  Today, make a point to meet the 2nd Children’s Poet Laureate, Mary Ann Hoberman, by watching her Original Author Program.  You’ll hear her talk about and read from her books and learn why she describes herself as a walking rhyming dictionary.  Enjoy!

Note: Did you know that when you see the photograph of an author on a search results page it means that TeachingBooks.net has gone to interview and create a mini-movie or slideshow with that author?

Posted by Danika L. Morphew-Tarbuck, MLS, Web 2.0 Content Producer

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